What does your DNA tell you about yourself, medically? Would you be interested in a groundbreaking way to be treated by your doctors that is personalized just for you?

Now there’s a new way to identify, in advance, the kinds of medicine that would be effective specifically for you, AND what actually wouldn’t work. Stop “trial and error” treatment, trying one ineffective treatment after another without positive results.

MouthSwabIt’s called Pharmacogenetic Testing! It looks at how drugs you take are metabolized by your body. By getting an easy DNA test (a cheek swab), it increases the safety and efficacy of any prescription drug therapy your doctor would prescribe for you, simply by knowing in advance what will work! Avoid the side effects of drugs that won’t work for you. Pharmacogenetic Testing provides the right drug, for the right patient, at the right dose, at the right time.

Science has been working to pull information out of genetics to determine how your body responds to a drug and what dosage amount would be most effective.

Even if the problems you have are not already cured, maybe this could give science a chance to “catch up” to you if you are being treated correctly today. Maybe a cure can be reached before it’s too late by “slowing down” your disease with the correct treatment.

The advantages of this testing are:

  • LabAllows for safe and more effective medicine
  • Reduces the risks of side effects and overdose
  • Minimizes adverse drug interactions
  • Allows the physician to know the right dose.

The kinds of treatments that could be included are:

  • Breast Cancer
  • Prostrate Cancer
  • Coronary Artery Disease
  • Psychiatric Issues
  • Chronic Pain Management
  • And, a host of others…

Tomorrow’s Medicine Today is an independent consultant for MedXPrime. MedXPrime is the national marketing representative for two national Laboratories, Alcala Pharmaceutical in California, and Admera Health in New Jersey. Alcala is a toxicology laboratory, while Admera performs the PGx (DNA) and other related testing.

Alcala Pharmaceutical’s motto is “Life Depends On It” because the stakes are high for both patient and physician. They provide direct interaction with its healthcare clients to provide them with accurate and timely testing results, and follow-up medical-legal consultation.

Admera Health is an advanced molecular diagnostics company focused on personalized medicine, non-invasive cancer testing and digital health. Dedicated to developing cutting-edge diagnostics that span the continuum of care, Admera Health fulfills unmet medical needs with cost-effective tests and accurate analysis to guide patient care.

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