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Listed below are a number of documents that you might find useful in learning more about the Pharmacogenetic (PGx) test, and how to implement it in your practice to better serve your patients.

What is Pharmacogenetic Testing (PGx)?
PGxOnePlus is a pharmacogenomics test that predicts how patients will respond to drug therapy based on their individual genetic makeup. Differences between individuals can affect drug absorption, metabolism, or activity. While one treatment regimen may work well for one individual, the same regimen may cause adverse effects for other individuals. PGxOnePlus comprehensively screens 50 well-established pharmacogenomic genes, provides recommendations for over 220 commercial drugs and a comprehensive coverage of ~200 genetic variants in a single, cost-effective test that provides medically-actionable and clinically relevant data. This allows physicians to make effective treatment decisions for their patients.

About PGx Testing
Pharmacogenomics: Increasing the safety and effectiveness of drug therapy
US Organizations Adopting PGx Testing

PGx One Plus Sell Sheet
Drugs Requiring PGx Testing Around the World
Pharmacogenetics In Practice Today

Patient Request Letter
The following link is a letter that patients can use to request their physician to perform a PGx test for their personal DNA.
Patient Request Letter To Doctor

Clinical Studies On How PGx Testing Reduces Hospital Readmissions
Study by Purdue University on How PGx Testing Reduced Hospital Readmissions
University of Illinois Hospital & Health Sciences System on Hospital Readmissions

Sample PGxOnePlus Reports
Psychiatric Sample PGx Report
Sample Pain Management PGx Test
Sample Oncology PGx Test
Athero Gx One Sample Report
Cardian Indications of Studies
CardioGxOne Sample Report – HCM
Cardio GxOne Mosaicism – GLA Fabry
Cardio GxOne Sample Report MYH1 Converter
Cardio GxOne Brugada Syndrome
Cardio GxOne Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy
PGx Cardio Illustration

About Admera Laboratories
About Admera and PGx
Admera Health Wins Frost & Sullivan Award
Admera Theraputic List of Medications A-Z
Admera PGx Test Requisition Form
Instructions for Completing the Admera Requisition Form
Admera PGx Test Payor List
Admera Billing Letter FAQs

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